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Server Management

we provide best services in Server Management.

Is your organization spending too much time and money on internal IT matters, and is looking for a partner to leverage to offset some, if not all, of these costs? Are you seeking to put in place a disaster recovery and redundancy plan in case the unthinkable happens to your business so you will not experience any down-time? Does your organization have servers in-house and want to see what the cloud can offer you in terms of scalability, security, remote access, and cost savings?

VPS Server

Jaxon Raye is currently managing 5+ VPS Servers. Located in US.

Manage Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is simplest of all hosting and Jaxon Raye is managing 30+ of them.

Cloud Server

Jaxon Raye is currently managing 5+ Cloud Server. Located in US.

Manage Dedicated Server

Jaxon Raye is managing 10+ applications under Dedicated Server.

Jaxon-Raye, powered by CoSentry, has the right server and IT management solution for you. Our consultants are experts in the deployment and maintenance of simple to complex IT and server environments, and have the experience to help you leverage your IT infrastructure so it’s not longer a cost center, but a productivity center, for your organization. We’ve built and supported these environments from the ground up, and have an array of services built into our plans to help you get the right results for your organization. Our services include Secure Colocation, Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Hybrid Clouds, Business Clouds, Virtual Data Centers, Compliance, Professional Services, Help Desk Services, Infrastructure Monitoring, as well as Hosting for Managed Servers, Databases, Websites, and Applications.

Jaxon-Raye Consultants are experts when it comes to building and supporting your IT and Server infrastructure. We recognize this is the backbone to your business and should be taken very seriously. Inquire today to find out how we can help you build or maintain your IT and Server Infrastructure today. Our expert consultants will help your organization achieve extraordinary results.