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we provide best services in database.

Is your organization in need of some serious database maintenance and upkeep? Do you have custom databases from CRM software programs to proprietary databases that need to be consolidated into one single database and system? Are you looking to tailor a custom database and web front-end to help your organization be more productive and make the next transition into having one single system to operate from throughout multiple locations?

MS SQL Server

Jaxon Raye works on All version of Microsoft SQL Server


Jaxon Raye works on All version of MY SQL


Jaxon Raye works on Oracle database 9i and above versions.

Postgres Sql

Jaxon Raye works on Postgres database 8.0 and above versions.

Jaxon-Raye consultants and developers are database experts, having created, supported and maintained several databases for organizations just like yours. Our experts have been part of projects to build custom databases and applications, and have also been brought in to work with existing out-of-the-box software programs and databases in an effort to clean up, mine for information, support, and maintain these platforms. We are well versed in popular databases including MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, SAP HANA, dBASE, FoxPro, IBM DB2, LibreOffice Base, FileMaker Pro and InterSystems Caché.

We realize that creating, maintaining and supporting databases for an organization can be a costly and time consuming expense. Our experts are available to leverage to help you in these complex areas. We will evaluate the needs of your organization, develop a plan for how we will meet your needs, and execute our plan accordingly. Let Jaxon-Raye work hand in hand to achieve extraordinary results for your organization.