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Your sales team represents the heart of your organization. The sales team needs to be operating on all cylinders, 24x7, 365 Days Per Year! In order to keep your sales team on track for success, they need the right Sales Plan to back them up; they need to be using the right technology to help facilitate their activities; they need the right sales training to perfect their skills; and they need the right feedback to improve their productivity. Jaxon- Raye Sales As A Service gives you all the tools you need to get your sales team operating on all cylinders, and to keep them motivated, engaged, productive, and achieving extraordinary results! Offered as a packaged or ala-carte consulting engagement:

Sales Plan Development: Do you know how your sales representatives are spending their time? Do you know how many prospects you are putting into your sales funnel for every day, week, or month, and do you know where those leads come from? Are you measuring your sales cycles for each sales representative in order to find out why you are winning the business you win, and why you are losing the business you lose? These specific questions are part of a much larger and complex puzzle we call Sales. All sales organizations need to develop the right habits in order to produce positive results. Our Consultants have expertise, first and foremost, in the process of sales.

Plan an Approach: We start by understanding your core service competencies & product innovations. Next, we create a Sales Plan & Strategy that focuses on those key areas. We will then establish Key Performance Indicators based on historical results to help track the effectiveness of our strategy.

Execute the Plan: We develop sales tactics that complement and reinforce your Sales Plan. Then, we execute our plan and make sure your sales people have the right knowledge and habits to carry out those tactics. We also assist with the oversight of all sales processes for your organization, including analyzing day-to-day activities and key reports to ensure results are on track.

Measure the Results: Jaxon-Raye will help you put measuring & reporting mechanisms in place, and we'll meet with you regularly to ensure our metrics are aligned with the results we are seeking from our strategy. We will continuously evaluate your position in respect to sales to ensure your organization is on pace to achieve the desired results. The metrics we put in place will present opportunities to further strategize on strengthening your sales organization.

Utilizing the Best Technology: Does you your sales team have the right technology on their side? Do you have the proper CRM Software & Sales Tools in place for your sales team to operate as efficiently, and as productive, as possible? Jaxon-Raye Sales As A Service helps you find and deploy the best-in-breed CRM Software systems, and mobile technology, to ensure your sales team has the best tools available to them at their disposal, to help them make more contacts, generate more leads, and close more business. With the right technology in place, your sales team can achieve extraordinary results!

Establish Processes: We start by understand and building your core sales processes. By understanding how your sales team currently operates, we will be able to pin point areas where we can create greater standards and efficiencies. Once we establish your sales processes, we will create an environment where people are more consistent with their activities, more productive with their time, and are able to reach more prospects, and close more business.

Obtain CRM Software: We will take our new processes and put it into action! Your Consultant will help you obtain the right CRM Software that fits into your newly established, core sales processes. By obtaining a best-in-breed CRM Software, your sales team will be empowered to make more contacts, generate more leads, be more productive, and close more business.

Implement the Tools: Jaxon-Raye will assist you in obtaining the right technology tools for your company. Your sales team will have a CRM software in place, properly implemented around your processes, blended with the right tools to give your team a greater ability to stay more productive. We will focus on making your sales team completely mobile, working from anywhere they wish. They should always have the right tools to do their job in the most effective manner. The tools we will have in place, coupled with our ability to establish your core sales processes, along with our reporting on sales metrics, will be pivotal in developing a real sales plan for your organization, and getting your company on the path to achieving extraordinary reults.

Sales Rep Training & Development: Do you really want to equip your sales people with the right habits, tactics and strategies to make them highly effective? Would you like your sales people to take their sales skills to the next level? Would you like to have your sales people perform more consistently, more productively, and close more business? The Jaxon- Raye Sales Training & Development Program will help your sales people develop their skills, increase their performance, stay more motivated, and to implement Best Sales Practices, leading to your team achieving extraordinary results!

Developing Great Habits: We start by helping your sales team recognize and develop great habits. We will reinforce the good habits already in place, and we will show how your sales people can use everyday exercises to keep consistent with the way they work. Our focus will lead us to understanding your core strengths. Next, we create a Sales Plan & Strategy that focuses on those key areas. We will then establish Key Performance Indicators based on historical results to help track the effectiveness of our strategy.

Refine the Skills : We will work with your sales people to develop their sales skills. Our focus is to find what areas of sales your people feel they are best at, refine those areas to the fullest, and to help focus their energy on bettering the other skills it takes to be the best they can be. By the time we’re done with refining their skills, they will be more motivated, more presentable, and more professional, have stronger presentations, and will use their refined sales skills to close more business.

Enhance the Performance: Jaxon-Raye will teach your sales people on how to focus on strengthening their performance. We will work with them on ways they can maximize their time to be more productive, and how to measure their self performance. The goal of this stage is to enlighten them on performance and productivity measures, and how to break down their day utilizing the Best Practices in time management to keep their performance and productivity at peak measures, all day, and every day. The result will be a stronger, more confident, more productive sales team, with each team member knowing how to establish goals and standards for their overall performance, and on the way to achieving extraordinary results!

Sales Manager Training & Development: How high is your turnover in your sales department? Are your sales people motivated everyday they come to work? Are your sales people all pretty consistent with hitting their established goals? What performance and productivity measures do you have in place to account for the activities and successes of your sales team? These questions and more need to be addressed when it comes to building a highly successful sales team. Our Consultants have the experience and expertise to train your Sales Manager, and Directors, on how to build a highly motivated, productive, and successful sales team.

Hire the Best People: We start by help your understand how to hire & keep the best people possible. We will help you focus on what personality traits, attributes, and track records you should be looking for when bringing people on board with your organization. Our Consultant will help you focus on bringing out the best in your sales people, finding out what their core strengths and competencies are, and how to utilize those strengths to get maximum results.

Keep Your People Motivated: An unmotivated sales force will eat into your bottom line more than anything else. That’s why it’s imperative you have the right incentives, commission structures, and environment in place to keep your sales people hungry and motivated all the time. We also introduce you to a new way of thinking to help accomplish this goal. It starts with finding out what personally drives your sales people. We will work with you to establish incentives and a commission structure that will hit the chord on what drives your sales people. Our course will then focus on what principles and practices you can use to keep your sales people hungry, motivated, and achieving extraordinary results!

Measuring Performance & Productivity: Jaxon-Raye will help you establish true measuring & reporting mechanisms for your organization. We will teach you the Best Practices on the key performance & productivity indicators for sales people. Our goal is to get your organization to the point where you are measuring and reporting on all activities from your sales department, gaining valuable insight for your managers to process, and keeping Business Intelligence at the highest point possible. The reporting & metrics we put in place will give you a greater view of your sales processes, Key Performance Indicators, & trends. With our new found knowledge, your company will be in a much better position to make informed and enlightened business decisions, and to achieve the desired results you are constantly striving for.

Jaxon-Raye Sales As A Service has all the tools your organization will need to strengthen your sales team to the point where people are always hitting their goals, and operating on all cylinders. Our team is ready and willing to help you achieve the extraordinary!