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marketing consulting Houston

we provide best services in marketing consulting Houston

marketing consulting Houston

we provide best services in marketing consulting Houston

We have a two step process to ensure delivery a solid marketing presence for your organization. It starts with Developing a Marketing Plan, and ends with our Marketing As A Service.Offered as a packaged or ala-carte consulting engagement

Marketing Plan Development: Do you have a firm grip on who your company is marketing to? How do you measure the effectiveness of your current marketing campaigns and efforts? Do you have an ever changing, always up to date, marketing plan that outlines the strategic marketing goals of your company, and how you plan on achieving those goals? Jaxon-Raye Marketing As A Service helps you gain a vital perspective and put the pieces of the marketing puzzle back into place.

STRATEGY: We start by understanding your core service competencies & product innovations. Next, we create a Marketing Plan & Strategy that focuses on those key areas. We will then establish Key Performance Indicators based on historical results to help track the effectiveness of our strategy.

TACTICAL: We develop marketing tactics that complement and reinforce your Marketing Strategy. Then, we craft materials and collateral that support those tactics. We also assist with the oversight of all marketing processes for your organization, including analyzing day-to-day activities and key reports to ensure results are on track.

MEASURE: Jaxon-Raye will help you put measuring & reporting mechanisms in place, and we'll meet with you regularly to ensure our metrics are aligned with the results we are seeking from our strategy. We will continuously evaluate your position in respect to marketing to ensure your organization is on pace to achieve the desired results. The metrics we put in place will present opportunities to further strategize on strengthening your position in the marketplace.

Marketing As a Service: Do you have a Marketing Manager or Chief Marketing Officer to build your brand, execute your campaigns, and oversee your marketing efforts? Would it be nice if your marketing plan was just executed, without your intervention, getting you results, and the reporting to prove it? Jaxon-Raye Marketing As A Service delivers a completely outsourced professional marketing service for your organization, letting you have a strong, distinct marketing presence, and getting you results at a fraction of the cost.

Create: We start by building your brand & creating your image. Next, we use our Marketing Plan, and the core competencies we discovered, to create our collateral and delivery schedule for our future campaigns. We will then prepare every step of your marketing campaigns for a 12-24 month period.

Execute: We put your marketing plan & campaigns into action! Your CMO will oversee every step of the marketing campaign, and we will make sure every aspect gets executed to the highest standards, and on time. We will constantly monitor our efforts to make sure our messages are hitting the right chord with our target market, and to verify we are getting results.

MEASURE: Jaxon-Raye will keep our measuring & reporting mechanisms in place, and we'll meet with you regularly to ensure our results are clear and distinct, and in line with our strategy. We will be constantly reviewing our position in the market to always stay on top of our position, and to make changes to our strategy when necessary. The strategies we will have in place, coupled with our ability to deliver on the marketing efforts we’ll deploy, along with our reporting on metrics, will be pivotal in developing a real marketing plan for your organization, and getting your company on the path to achieving extraordinary results.

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